For 40 years, we've been connecting the dots that link sound research with cut-through creative and smart media planning to produce great advertising and marketing results.

When people think of great advertising, they think of memorable creative. But creativity alone won't get the job done. Market research, strategic planning and media buying are just as important.

Building stronger enterprise means building stronger brands. In order to accomplish that, we keep "branding" at the forefront of everything we do. Before we send anything to our clients, we ask ourselves, "Is it on brand strategy?" To make sure it is, we deploy a wide range of brand-focused services.

With people inundated by thousands of visual and textual messages each day, it is critical to develop a strategic approach in these areas to break through the clutter. We offer a full selection of interactive and social media services.

At Bluetooth Creative, we begin every media plan with thorough research and an evaluation process based on the specific client objectives and target audience. We analyze the best approach that will score the highest impact.

All The Right Pieces

Together, Our Services Form True Value

Our actions are driven by connecting the dots — like the latest research with a creative concept, strategic thinking with a comprehensive brand marketing plan, exceptional talent with a targeted goal, the right media with the correct demographic, cost-efficiency with an approved budget, and marketing objectives with measureable results.

Our Core Services Are:

Our Specialties: