Branding and Research Branding and Research

Building stronger enterprise means building stronger brands. In order to accomplish that, we keep "branding" at the forefront of everything we do. Before we send anything to our clients, we ask ourselves, "Is it on brand strategy?" To make sure it is, we deploy a wide range of brand-focused services.

Branding and Research


It begins with a review of general objectives: the brand promise, target audience, challenges, benefits, etc., and the research to validate them. That helps us uncover your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), then define and leverage it to build brand awareness, consumer trust, and products/services loyalty. Once the positioning is identified, we translate it into clear, consistent messages and experiences that deliver the brand promise to the target audience.

Corporate ID/Brand Architecture
Corporate branding presentation begins with your logo, tagline, and their usage in all media. Separate brands need to be housed in a carefully thought out brand architecture. We are experts in the creation and presentation of both.

Brand Promise/USP
Creating and living up to your brand’s promise begins with a carefully defined Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that clearly conveys the Claim and Benefit of your products and service offerings.

Taglines/ Product Positioning
Once we uncover your USP (and its Claim and Benefit), we will crystalize it into a unique and memorable tagline that resonates with the consumer so that your product always remains positioned above the competition.

It should be instantly recognized by everyone as yours. It is the visual Identity for all your marketing materials, packaging, corporate ID and website. As logo experts we’ve designed hundreds for both b2c and b2b brands.

Just like people, brands have their own personalities. Your corporate culture, product and service presentations and marketing message should embrace a persona that resonates with your target.

It is the most important part of brand personality building, and needs to be consistent for the proper development of a personality that consumers feel they can believe in, rely on and trust to deliver its promise.

Style Guide
To consistently maintain the brand’s visual and messaging integrity, it needs to follow a clear and comprehensive system of acceptable graphic directives, type styles, copy tone and presentation protocols.

Research Research

As a member of The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As), Bluetooth Creative Group has access to its full research resources and libraries to assist in specific and in-depth marketing research when called for to determine next best steps.

However, the research process can also be as simple as an agency-client interview session with key staff members/customers to uncover the common denominators of brand attributes, objectives, misconceptions, past challenges and more.

Industry backgrounds/trends
You know your business, but what about the latest developments and trends in your industry? As a member of the 4A’s we have access to privileged research and proprietary information that can inform, enlighten and direct.

Competitive Review
How’s the competition really doing compared to you? That’s information you need in order to craft and tailor your marketing and advertising to address competitive innovations and messaging that directly impacts you.

Case Studies
Your business and marketing challenges can share common ground with previous situations. Learning how others resolved similar situations to their benefit can help you take the right actions moving forward.

Agency-Client Interviews
We conduct them all the time. It’s the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to understand your topline challenges, the formation of a solutions-mindset, and understanding that great work requires true collaboration.

Market Analysis
Where is your market now? Is it growing, stagnant or shrinking? Is it getting younger, older? Is it in the U.S. or going overseas? You need that information in real-time. We’ve got it, and the best way to capitalize on it.

Evaluation of Your Existing Research Studies
You’ve got your own research. But is it telling you what you need to know? We evaluate client research to make sure that it is revealing the information you need, then recommending the steps you need to take for success.