Media planning and buying Media planning and buying

At Bluetooth Creative, we begin every media plan with thorough research and an evaluation process based on the specific client objectives and target audience. We analyze the best approach that will score the highest impact.

Media planning and buying


Utilizing the experience of our dedicated media pros, we evaluate every aspect of your marketing/advertising strategy and devise a media plan that takes into consideration primary and secondary target audiences, suggested budgets, environmentally appropriate media choices, spot/insertion length and sizing, scheduling, CPMs, bid costs and results measurement.

Analysis of Campaign Goals
Each campaign objective requires its own unique media strategy. Establishing brand awareness calls for one media mix; increasing the rate of conversions/sales another. Clear objectives drive successful planning.

Media Plan Creation
We carefully examine your target audience demographics and media habits, then construct a single- or multi-platform plan that is tailored exactly to your objectives, and can be quantitatively assessed to ensure it is meeting its objectives.

Reach and Frequency Determination
We are pros at understanding the best media to reach the highest percentage of your target audience, and how many times it needs to be seen to achieve the maximum impressions in the most cost-efficient way.

Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment
The quality of your marketing effort is determined by the concepts, images and words that resonate with your audience. Quantitative research lets you know exactly how your media plan is performing in real-time.


Our ability to plan and purchase local, regional, national and international media including television, cable, radio, digital, print, out-of-home and transit has earned us a reputation as an efficient and competitive media resource, and a top media negotiator.

Media Purchase and Implementation
From print space to broadcast flights to PPC we make sure that every media purchase is locked-in and correctly executed. Our strong media rep relationships are reflected in our ability to negotiate the best price.

Real-time Schedule Tracking
We track your of TV /Radio/Digital schedules in real time, and compare that to the schedule that was submitted. There is never any concern as to when and where your asset ran. We always know.

Radio and Digital Buys
We are specialists at creating added-value plans in our radio campaigns and digital programs. We search out unused time slots and seek out digital purchase incentives to increase performance and decrease cost.

Reconciliation of invoices
We handle all media invoicing and reconciliation for you, with a complete report that itemizes every purchase, and how and when it was fulfilled — including any “give backs” or “make goods”.

Submission of Affidavits of Performance
When necessary, we can backtrack every media purchase and request an affidavit to show it was executed at the agreed-to price, so that you know that your media buys were executed properly.

Disbursement of Media Payables
We can handle all the disbursements due for every form of media you purchase, making the payment process easy and simple for you.

Post-Buy Analysis
We analyze how effective your media buys were so that we can modify and improve your performance and reduce your costs at every available opportunity. A proper post-buy analysis is the key to a better ROI.