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In the past year, 80% of internet users used a mobile device for online searching. With more than 50% of websites featuring a responsive design technologies that work on all devices, isn’t it time you embraced the mobile revolution? Bluetooth Creative Group specializes in digital marketing with an emphasis on mobile optimization. Consumers are searching for products and services using their mobile device. If your business doesn’t show up in a local search or your website takes too long to load on mobile, you’re likely losing business to your competitors. Let’s stop that!

When updating your website for the mobile platform, Bluetooth Creative Group’s digital experts take a less-is-more approach. We simplify your site to its essentials, knowing that users will be able to better navigate it from their smartphones and tablets. A website that’s optimized for mobile has to operate well for touchscreens and feature a streamlined design where users can intuitively find what they need quickly. If mobile users encounter a problem when browsing your website from their mobile device, they’re going to abandon their cart and you’re going to lose business. That’s what we aim to fix.

Bluetooth Creative Group features digital solutions that will improve mobile users’ experience. The better your website works for the mobile platform, the more time consumers are likely to spend searching it, which can translate into more conversions. We ensure that your website loads fast and that it’s designed for improved mobile SEO. We test and test again to make sure that your local, national, or global customers are finding you early when they perform a search on their mobile devices. According to recent surveys, one out of three businesses still hasn’t optimized for mobile. Let’s ensure that you’re not the one who hasn’t built a mobile-friendly website.


When we started working with Bluetooth Creative Group we knew we would get results. What we didn’t know was that within 6 months we saw a major shift in our web traffic that allowed us to really take advantage of our current prospects and position us to win more vehicle sales. Their processes are straightforward and their methods work. Thank you Bluetooth for all you have helped us with.

The hardest thing to do in the car business is to assess the data and make sense of it. Gene and Bluetooth Creative Group helped us sift through it all and understand what was working and what wasn’t working so we could make adjustments that fit our specific dealership. Most agencies just dont sit down with you to show you where your money is being spent and what you are getting. Bluetooth Creative did this and it has helped us improve our overall marketing returns.  

We started with Bluetooth Creative back in March and have already seen a strong impact on our day to day. They helped us implement a fixed operations rewards program that our existing customers responded well to, and also allowed us to re-engage our lost clients and bring some of them back into our dealership garage again.


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